Marni Coletti, MA

“I have always felt I had a sixth sense of feeling others’ pain—being able to connect with people from many different perspectives. Humans are like a prism, they are multi-dimensional, and I look at each person’s story from many angles.”

My style of therapy is very direct. While I will share hard truths with clients, I will also hold them through it, so they feel supported and safe in their processing. I believe that mental and physical health are intrinsically linked, so any medical conditions or medications will be considered when developing treatment plans.

In my personal time, I enjoy running, practicing yoga and spending time with my blended family of six. I am a closet introvert, Sagittarius and I don’t like camping. I went back to graduate school to become a therapist because I genuinely love people and often felt limited in my ability to help on the level that felt natural for me.

I obtained my masters degree in Marriage, Family and Couples Therapy from Lewis and Clark College. I am supervised in the State of Oregon, by Lana Kim, PhD, LMFT and the State of Washington by Kimberly Riley, DSW, LMFT, MHP, CMHS. Supervision is required for all associates working toward licensure and is designed to ensure the highest quality of care.